Other Species

Please contact us if you need species that are not in our standard program. We are part of a broad network of biologists and companies and thus have access to many additional arthropod species.
In the course of our contracted research activities we have gathered additional experience with the following species:

  • Insects:
    • Tribolium castaneum (Red flour beetle)
    • Dermestes spec. (Hide beetles)
    • Pyrrhocoris apterus (Fire bugs)
  • Crustaceans:
    • Porcellio scaber (Woodlice)
    • Oniscus asellus (Dooryard sowbugs)

fire bugs
Fig.1: Evaluation of insecticide residual activity against fire bugs on a porous surface.

Fig. 2: Evaluation of insecticide residual activity against woodlice on a non-porous surface.

Fig. 3: Experimental set-up of an oral toxicity test using woodlice.

Observation vessels
Fig. 4: Observation vessels.